why in Eureka

Inspired by the historical Victorian and HAUNTED landscape of Eureka Springs, Sean-Paul, and Juliana Fay perform a Vaudeville Era show that is unmatched in the country.

In 2011 they created Intrigue Theater – a charming and nostalgic performance that brings visitors back to an age of Mystery.

Tourists often say after seeing this Eureka Springs attraction is “why are they in Arkansas?!”

These award-winning show producers are in Eureka Springs by choice.
At this point Sean-Paul and Juliane have been able build up an audience in a part of the country they love.  Now they don’t have to travel as much as they once did – they are able to stay in one place – and have total creative control of their show and venue and create unique experiences in a venue they tailor to fit their show.

Guest have literally heard about this show and traveled from all around the country.

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