Now in our 13th season in Eureka Springs

#1 thing to do in Eureka Springs, AR

according to TripAdvisor 2022

Making your Next Anniversary MAGICAL!

“My wife said I could not have given her a better gift than going to Intrigue Theater and I plan on taking her again on our 40th anniversary!!!!”, says a husband who feels like he hit the jackpot.   A big portion of the guests coming to Eureka Spring and Intrigue theater are celebrating the wedding anniversary and Intrigue theater is a perfect show for couples.    The show is produced and performed by Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay who celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary at the Crescent hotel.   Sean-Paul was so “intrigued” with the crescent and he thought it would be the perfect environment for a night of Mystery.   

Since that weekend getaway he has his wife performed in big production shows in Branson, and on National television – and around the world on Cruise ships – then in 2011 they returned to Eureka Springs to create a completely unique experience inspired by the “intriguing” town of eureka Springs. 

They have also integrated a comedy and magic flavor that comes from being married for an extended period of time.   “These two wonderful and professional entertainers could be headlining at some really prestigious places like Las Vegas, but choose to stay in lovely Eureka Springs Arkansas” is what one couple said after seeing the show.    Sean-Paul and Juliane are also humbled and grateful for the amazing REPEAT visits from couples some of them making Intrigue Theater part of an Anniversary tradition – which is part of the reason that they have made changes each year to the experience – so the guests will have new moments of wonder and intrigue!

Seen on national TV several times and have performed around the world -
they call Eureka Springs - HOME!

After performing around the world and in major shows, Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay created INTRIGUE THEATER.   Not only have they developed innovative and ambitious new effects that fool other magicians – but they have also created an Intriguing and charming venue.  

The 110 year old stone church has now been transformed into what feels like a Victorian salon that seats only 80 people.  Once guests enter the doors – the journey immediately begins under dimly lit chandeliers before an entertainment portal lined with glowing footlights.   This is an experience that routinely has guests coming back from more – year after year.

on stage with Penn and Teller

In a class of their own

Intrigue Theater has risen to the top of Trip Advisors 52 things to do in Eureka Springs. We encourage visitors to check out our most recent reviews at the bottom of this page.

Seen on National television many times

Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay have performed all over the world and in big production shows in Branson and Pigeon Forge - but it was only AFTER they came to Eureka Springs - and created INTRIGUE THEATER - that the doors opened for national recognition in such places as Americas Got Talent, Master of Illusion, the Magic Castle in Hollywood - and two appearances on Penn and Teller Fool Us!

Why are they in Arkansas?

In 2011 they created Intrigue Theater – a charming and nostalgic performance that brings visitors back to an age of Mystery. Inspired by the historical Victorian and HAUNTED landscape of Eureka Springs, Sean-Paul, and Juliana Fay perform a Vaudeville Era show that is unmatched in the country. Tourists often say after seeing this Eureka Springs attraction is “why are they in Arkansas?!” These award-winning show producers are in Eureka Springs by choice.


Master illusionists Sean Paul & Juliana Fay are starting up their must-see show  “Perplexed!

Now entering its 11th year at their very own INTRIGUE THEATER IN Eureka Springs, AR.

For a limited time

Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay bring audiences to the edge of their seats with a series of PARANORMAL EXPERIMENTS, Interactive Comedy, and Intriguing Mysteries and demonstrations.

Sean-Paul & Juliana Fay - Intrigue Theater Creators and Producers


Intrigue Theater is excited to offer shows almost 7 day a week this summer.

Sean-Paul & Juliana Fay

As seen on Penn & Teller FOOL US, AGT, MASTERS OF ILLUSION and now an established crowd favorite with a truly humbling number of returning guests, 2021 sees many new theatrical enhancements and surprises in store for Intrigue Theater – including venue upgrades allowing for large-scale illusions

Dewey Jo Beene Jr.

More than magic, this active and engaging experience is a raucous road trip of hilarious storytelling, hysterical situational comedy, and humorous repartee throughout.

Dewey Joe Beene Jr has performed magic and comedy from coast-to-coast for over thirty years.

You’re in for a night of astonishing magic, amazing visuals, and unexpected twists.

This fast-paced and interactive experience involves EVERYONE from beginning to end, and YOU (willing participants) might be invited join the action ON STAGE.





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