Our 10th Year of Mystery
"Intrigue Theater was our first stops planned
& well worth the trip.
Can't wait to come back!"
Facebook Review Sept 2018
“My family and friends
loved every minute
Highlight of trip to Eureka!”
Shaun D Axtell TX March 2019
Penn of Penn & Teller
"We will be talking
about this experience
for years to come"
Nita T Poolville Tx Aug 2014

Our Performers have been featured on TV & more!

Come Challenge Your Reality! at INTRIGUE THEATER

  • A lifetime of Magic
  • Exclusive Up Close and Incredible
  • The Illusionist & the Ghost Talker
  • Why Eureka Springs?

Sean-Paul and Juliane have performed in places such as Reno, Las Vegas, Branson, Throughout Alaska, In Jeff Hobson’s Illusionarium where they performed alongside some of the world’s greatest magicians and Illusionist. More recently just returned from Las Vegas where they performed for a packed house at the Rio Hotel for the Penn and Teller Show on the CW network!

After 3 years in Eureka Springs, Sean-Paul and Juliane we seeing a high volume of repeat visitors and tourists to their attraction. Because they wanted to thrill their audiences with new mysteries – they created a second completely different show.

Up Close and Incredible is a show that is filled with the segments that Sean-Paul has been perfecting during his 30 plus career in magic and Illusion. As the name of the show suggests – the audience is seating in a circular manner around the performers and the level of audience participation is much greater. Miracles are performed with items borrowed from the audience and some of the inexplicable feats are actually done by the visitors!

Just as with the Ghost talker show – there are segments in this show that are totally unique to the magic industry.

Eureka Springs’ landscape set the stage for an amazing night of Mystery.   This Unique Haunted Victorian Town in the Ozark mountains inspired Sean-Paul and Juliane to create a truly unique experience that would regress audiences back to an Age of Intrigue. Their extensive journey in the art of Magic and Illusion has given them a deep respect for the Grand Master of the Golden Age of Magic. 100 years ago with Magicians, Illusionist, and Mind Readers were the superstar celebrities of their era. These Grand Masters were so innovative and brilliant that many of their methods are still being used to amazing today’s most skeptical audiences. So for the last 6 years, Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay have performed their tribute to the Golden Age of Magic and the Ghostly Spiritualist movement of the early 1900s at Intrigue Theater in Eureka Springs. The ILLUSIONIST & GHOST TALKER has been heralded by high ranking magicians as “one of the best magical experiences” and something that “transcends a magic show”.

Tourists often say after seeing this Eureka Springs attraction is “why are they in Arkansas?!”

These award-winning show producers are in Eureka Springs by choice.

Sean-Paul and Juliane at this point in their career feel they have hit the Jack Pot - because they are able to have total creative control in a Town and theater that they love.       Now they don't have to travel as much as they once did - they are able to stay in one place because after 10 years they enjoy an amazing repeat business from guest that come back and bring friends and family that they want to share this INTRIGUING EXPERIENCE with. IN FACT guests have literally heard about this show and traveled from all around the country.

Couples that have celebrated their Anniversary or Honeymoon at INTRIGUE THEATER


My wife and I went back to Eureka for our 10th anniversary (we spent our honeymoon there) 

The show lasted over two hours, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. If you go to Eureka or anywhere near, you MUST go see this show!! I would suggest to call ahead and make sure you get seats, as maybe there are only 50 per show. These people deserve to be on a big stage, and we were lucky to be able to see them in Eureka! 

Savana D

We attended the Intrigue Theater show in November 2012 for our Honeymoon.

This is the COOLEST show we have ever seen. It was very intimate and entertaining. They are very interactive with the audience. The show is 'intriguing', mind-boggling, and impressive. We even had a couple laughs!

Can't wait to return!

Amazing little find in Eureka Springs  ---  My husband and I were visiting for our annual anniversary trip. We married 27 years ago and find something new each year to do. Sometimes we will visit something we have already done, but strive to find new experiences in Eureka Springs.    My husband had been awake all night working the previous night and was really tired. I was worried he might not stay awake through the entire performance. I need not worry, as you are on our seat the entire time, wanting to "figure it out."   We were totally entertained, as well as awed by the space in which they performed.    -----    We would highly recommend this.


Wow!!     ---    My Husband & I went to the illusionist show this past July. It was absolutely amazing! We enjoyed every minute of the show! Can't wait to go back and see this for another weekend getaway!  

Crazy Cool Amazing Experience!!! We traveled from the Tulsa area to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was one thing to guess the first letters of our names, my wife’s occupation, teacher, and the thing I enjoy doing the most, flying drones, but we can’t figure out how you knew our anniversary date and how many years we’ve been married. We are kind of creeped out. How fun!!! You really made our trip and we will never forget you guys!

Tommy H

"We were celebrating an Anniversary, it was my husbands idea.   I have to admit - i don't like magic shows - but i went for him.   I loved this show!    Amazing the Ghost Talker blew us away!  She is fabulous.     The illusionist is also great!! This is well worth your money and spend the extra & get a VIP ticket you will not regret it!!"   

Choose your Seat!Ticket Prices


General Seating
  • The General Section is in the 3rd row and back.


Premium Seats
  • The Premium Section is the 12 Seats in the 2nd row.
  • A very good chance you can participate in the show - but there is no garunetee


VIP Tickets
  • The VIP Section is the 12 Seats in the front row.
  • You are guaranteed an opportunity to participate in the show - but there is no pressure if you just want to enjoy the show from your seat.
  • These seats include a complimentary NA Beverage.


Family Pass
  • Package that good for 2 adults and up to 3 kids ages 12 and under
  • Childrens ages will be verified at the door.
  • Family pass is in the General Admission section


Master illusionists Sean Paul and Juliana Fay are coming into the Eureka Springs 2020 tourist season blazing hot with their custom-written show, “Intrigue Theater”; now entering its 10th year in this majestic Ozark resort town.  Celebrating a resume which has seen them perform throughout the country, including with Jeff Hobson’s Illusionarium (and most recently the legends and exclusive Magic Castle of Hollywood), these world-class entertainers demonstrate with each performance why they’ve chosen to call th

is place home for their signature show.

Sean-Paul and Juliane brought their talents to the vacation destination of Eureka Springs a decade ago.  Having always loved the haunted Victorian charm of this historical Ozark mountaintop village, they felt that the landscape of this very special town would be the perfect setting for Intrigue Theater. Now an established crowd favorite with a truly humbling number of returning guests, 2020 sees many new theatrical enhancements and surprises in store for Intrigue Theater – including venue upgrades allowing for large scale illusions which once were reserved for special engagements.

Inspired by the larger-than-life performers of the Golden Age of Magic, and informed by their decades of combined industry experience and crowd-pleasing prowess, Sean-Paul and Juliane produced and created an entertainment experience unlike anything else in the country.  Guests are ushered into a 110-year-old stone chapel building that has been recently transformed into an Edwardian-inspired venue, complete with aesthetic details unique from those found in any contemporary magic venue setting – and that’s before the show even begins!

Intrigue Theater welcomes visitors of all ages and interests to see why this sell-out show is a one-of-a-kind experience located in this curious little town we call heaven – and what makes magic a truly timeless art enjoyed by so many.  

The People that make our theater “INTRIGUING!”

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855 446 8744

Dear Friends,
We have missed you so much!
We are re-opening on Friday, June 26, 2020, and look forward to sharing more nights of Intrigue with you, our valued guests!
In accordance with directives made by the Governor of Arkansas in his sole authority in the control of disease, as authorized by Ark. Code §20-7-109—110, capacity will be extremely limited. All parties will be seated 6’ apart and we request guests to practice social distancing in common areas throughout the venue. Face coverings are REQUIRED for all persons (except children under 10 years of age who are exempt) while inside the venue. If you do not have a face covering, you will not be allowed to enter. Please make all guests in your party aware of this mandate, as tickets are NON-refundable.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we navigate the new climate of live shows, where distancing is necessary to the health and well-being of all. We are GRATEFUL for your patronage and understanding. Together, we can make our experience ridiculously amazing!

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